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Unrepentant @ The Specter-tacular Halloween Cart Sale:

Today, at midnight, the The Specter-tacular Halloween Cart Sale starts!  The event runs from October 24-November 1.

 Unrepentant will be a part of this event with the Kawaiitulu FP Sculpt Kit offered at 10 Lindens as well as the Ancient Spellbook mesh kit just in time for Halloween and all those spell casting needs.

Your ride to the The Specter-tacular Halloween Cart Sale.
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What's new at Unrepentant - October 2013:

Lots, actually.  Since the last update, Jalynne came out with some fabulous wings for the Clockwork Spiral event, which donated 50 percent of the proceeds to the kidney foundation.  While the wings were exclusively for that event, you can still purchase the mesh kit for the wings at the Unrepentant store.

With the ghoulishly great month of October, Unrepentant is a part of two great events, the Mieville Midway Gacha Expo and Cherry Hill, both going on until October 31.

To quote from the latest group notice in world, as done by the Unrepentant Scripter, Nicolias Sadoul -


Roll up, roll up! The magnificent, marvelous, magical, mysterious Mieville Midway is almost here and you're all invited!

Come see Gacha's from some of the virtual-world's most famous designers and stalls from the finest Steampunk, Goth and Alternative creators. Be prepared to be titillated, tantalized and amazed as the ancient woodlands wake to the call of carnival while the unseelie haunt the paths and clearings, dancing high in the hills on mirror lake, tempting, teasing, taunting you all to join their dark dance.

That's right, the Mieville Midway is sponsored by Unrepentant and it's here, now! We have an awesome deal And a whole new set of uniquely textured Dark Fae Wings in a Gacha! We even have a Petite version all ready for the tiny people to use too. You'd be mad to miss it!

Plus, not only was the Expo build put together by Jalynne Ohmai who also created the custom mesh stalls and Gacha machines featured there, but the scripts for those machines were made by the Unrepentant Scripter and they are now on sale for the first time ever at the event!

 (Poster by Tattoo Lane of Goddess Fantasies)


The horror of Halloween begins! Prepare yourself for the terrifying, haunted adventure at Cherry Hill Mines - presented by Oceania Breedables! The Oceania team is excited to bring you a full sim of spooky thrills and Halloween treats including a Haunted Quest with four new Oceania Plushie prizes - absolutely free and live tours for the ultra thrill seekers! A haunted market with Halloween items from some of SL's top designers leads to the old mines... and Unrepentant is right there on the route!

Half Price Pteri's!

If you've not see Unrepentants Pteri's yet, you're missing out on the most adorable, animated, interactive collectable tiny pterodactyl shoulder-pets ever! No really, perched up on your shoulder, peering around curiously at the world they really are that cute. You can name them, make them talk, feed them, pet them, play with them, even tell them off! And they'll react to what your attention with sound and actions. There are seven to collect and for the duration of the Mieville Midway they are HALF PRICE!

That's right, pick them up for L$75 each while you can, you've only got until the event ends to get yours before they go back to full price!


Dark Fae Wings

Unrepentant gives you wings! No, really. Lots of them, 11 different colours in fact! These exquisitely textured mesh wings come in full and petite pre-sized versions and are available at just L$50 a play. The wings come as a linked pair that can easily be scripted to flap or move and can be resized to best fit your avatar! This is the very first time they've been available at Unrepentant so get on down to the Midway and check them out!


Unrepentant Gacha Scripts!

Yeah, you saw that right. Unrepentant is stepping into the scripts business, and we're starting with the awesome fun that is Gachas! Not content to produce just any old simple Gacha script, we're looking to rewrite the rulebook on Gacha's with a full suite of scripts for different applications and add-ons that'll work with any of them! To coincide with their use in the Midway, we're releasing the Standard Edition of Unrepentant's Gacha System along with the Group-Only version and the Donation version. To be used with them, add-ons for Profit Sharing and E-mail Sales Reports are also available right now! And just as important, the scripts all come in Personal (no transfer/copy for your own products Gacha machines) and Commercial (transfer/copy for sale inside Gacha machines you have made) versions.

Now on to the important bit - what do they do?

All the Gacha scripts can do the following:
-Be set with up to four different fully customizable rarity settings!
-Have optional purchase-per-player time limits
-Play an optional on-purchase sound you provide
-Are quick and easy to setup via the object's description
-Give you detailed feedback about how your machine is set up on touch.
-Contain full, detailed instructions for setup

Group Version additionally allows you to:
-Setup your Gacha to only permit group members to make purchases
-Easy to setup, just change your Gacha Machines group!

Donation Version additionally:
-Allows players to pay any amount they want above a minimum set by you.

The Profit Sharing Add-on is designed to:
-Work with any of the main [UN] Gacha scripts
-Split your profits between up to 100 avatars
-Set different percentages for each person
-Use a simple notecard setup system
-Handle the L$ transfer throttle to ensure correct payments
-Full instructions and troubleshooting included

The E-mail Sales Reports Add-on is does just what its name implies:
-Works with any of the main [UN] Gacha scripts
-Reports all your Gacha purchases to specified e-mail addresses
-Allows reports to be sent to multiple addresses
-Avoids spam by delaying report sending in busy sims
-Is easy to setup via a notecard
-Comes with full instructions and troubleshooting

Thanks for reading and look out for more to come soon including our entry in the Specter-tacular cart sale (24th-31's Oct), a Limited Edition/One-of-a-kind version of the Gacha script designed with breedables in mind and an evolution of Mailbox and Bookcase notecard handling scripts!

The Unrepentant Artist, Jalynne Ohmai
The Unrepentant Scripter, Nicolias Sadoul
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