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[UN] looking for dedicated bloggers -

Yes, Unrepentant is looking for bloggers to help cover our current and new releases in your blogs.  We don't mind giving new people (or old) a shot, so just drop a notecard on me (Muse Llewelyn)  with info about your full avatar name, your blog/flickr URL, how long you have been blogging, and any feed info on it.  

You will need a group slot free for the Bloggers' group for [UN].  We'd like bloggers to be active and able to blog when receiving review copies.   Any questions, just contact Muse Llewelyn

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[UN] @ Enchantment and Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The month of February features Unrepentant in variety of events, starting with Enchantment and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.    

Enchantment - Little Red Riding Hood
  February 1 - February 28, 2014


Are fairy tales an inspiration to you?  Unrepentant is participating in the Enchantment Event, a shopping delight inspired by fairy tales with a different one being chosen each round. 

This month's round is based on the fairy tale, "Little Red Riding Hood", and in true fighting spirit inspired by the woodsman and Red trying to outwit the wolf, Unrepentant brings you a male and female version of a bracer that fires actual bolts.

The Woodman's bracer, for the men, comes in light metal, dark metal, and wood as options for appearance.

For the Little Red Riding Hoods out there, the Retribution bracer is available for the women.

All these designs are /exclusive and only available/ during the Enchantment Event, so get your's now, and don't let the big bad wolf beat you to it!

Your trip through the woods to Enchantment.

    Fantasy Gacha Carnival - February 1 - 28, 2013

Unrepentant is also a part of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, an event where designers put exclusive items not sold in their stores into gacha machines.  By paying a reduced sum of what you might pay normally for an item, you get the random chance to get variations of items.  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is a great opportunity to get high quality items for a reduced price and the chance taken on what you might get.

For this fun event, [UN] has two gacha machines, one filled with the lovely Earcuff, where you can 'spin' for a chance to get earcuffs.  Each earcuff comes with a color-changing HUD with ten metals.

The second gacha has the adorable Peacock Pets, mesh, interactive shoulder pets, which come in a variety of colors


Your ride to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

Upcoming Events -

Unrepentant will also be participating in the February round of Genre, which begins on the 15th, and the Mieville Midway Gacha Expo, "A Tell-Tale Heart", starting February 8th.  More information will come about those events.   


The minds behind Unrepentant -

The Unrepentant Artist, Jalynne Ohmai
The Unrepentant Scripter, Nicolias Sadoul


Interested in information about our products, blogging, or having us possibly in your shopping events? You can contact Muse Llewelyn, [UN]'s Social Media Manager or JoseDiego Silverspar on store information as well. 

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