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[UN] @ Twisted Hunt 2014

Unrepentant is part of this year's Twisted Hunt. There is the prize as well as a mini-hunt, the Wizard's Lament,  that you can do at the store.  Check out the notecard for details, and don't forget to come hunt at our main store!

The Twisted Hunt is a grid-wide treasure hunt featuring great prizes from some of the best designers and builders in SL. It runs from March 1st to 31st.  This Hunt's theme is Magick.  Lift the veil and dare to see the dream.

 What is the object of magik and wonder to be found?

 The Twisted Magick Antlers -

Search for a cube within a crystal ball. You can find the hunt info in front of the store.  This is one of the hardest hunts in SL, if not the hardest. So come on down, and see if you can find the prize.

There is also a mini-hunt, the Wizard's Lament, and you can start that by touching the staff by the Twisted Hunt info sign.  Be sure to try it out.  This offers up 10 extra prizes from both Unrepentant and Play Dead.  Prize previews are available in the picture below.

Take a peek, then go do the hunt!


The minds behind Unrepentant -

The Unrepentant Artist, Jalynne Ohmai
The Unrepentant Scripter, Nicolias Sadoul

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