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[UN] @ Enchantment for August - Bluebeard

This round of Enchantment has items inspired by Bluebeard, the macabre story French folk tale by Charles Perrault, Bluebeard. This is a walk on the darker side with Unrepentant crafting a choker with the tale as inspiration.

The Unlocked Choker is an original mesh creation in fine detail with keys crafted for its links.  Could you escape the dark fate in Bluebeard's tale with an accessory? Unlock that mystery with the choker.

Enchantment runs from August 1st to the end of the month.

A reminder about how this event works too -

You buy one of the designs from any of the stores on the list and you’ll receive a stamp card which you then can take to all of the stores and get “stamped” by clicking on the display with the hands. After you get all 20 stamps, you can go pick a prize out from the secret prize location.  Does [UN[ have a prize in this? Of course!

Your ride to where the Enchantment prizes are.  - This is where you can find the prizes to be chosen from if you have collected the stamps on the card.
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