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Deals in December - 50% off sale & Holiday Havoc Hunt! -

With the snow, Christmas cheer, and holidays comes all sorts of goodness at Unrepentant! On Sunday, December 1st, the 50% off sale starts where /everything/ is half off until the last day of December! Shopping for gifts, or buying something for yourself? Then now is a great time to take advantage of the deals.

The fun doesn't stop there as Unrepentant has events lined up with new items coming up as well. The month will begin with the Mad Peas Holiday Havoc Hunt, which runs from December 1st and goes through January 7, 2014.

For the Holiday Havoc Hunt, Unrepentant has made gloves that will bring a smile even to the Grinch's face.  We bring you the Sandy Claws Gloves, complete with claws that can be shown or hidden as suits your mood.

As a bonus gift, you can curl by the fire with the white Bear-Polar plushie.  Feeling happy, or not so joyful, then let this bear be your company by the fire, whether roasting marshmallows or carolers that sing too much outside your window.

Grab your sleigh ride to MadPea's Holiday Havoc Hunt!
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Teaser - December's upcoming 50 percent off sale @ Unrepentant! -

With the holidays quickly coming up with the end of November and the beginning of December looming around the corner, it's almost for Unrepentant's 50% off sale! During the entire month of December, from the 1st to the 31st, everything in the store is going to be fifty percent off the usual price, So get ready for that sale time is drawing closer!
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LL finally makes a decision on the state of mesh clothing

Anyone reading this who hasn't heard, Linden Labs has finally made a decision about the problem of mesh clothing not fitting multiple avatar sizes. It's been a two year long wait, but they're finally doing something with the release of a new project viewer that utilizes this not-new-at-all workflow. I'm not going to get into technical details, there are plenty of people including LL themselves covering that. All I'm going to say is that I'm really relieved that they have decided to do this and am looking forward to seeing the full implementation. I have done only minimal clothing until they resolved this so be looking for many more clothing and a new line of shoes I've already got in the pipeline coming very soon! The Unrepentant Artist, Jalynne Ohmai
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Unrepentant @ Genre:

Every month, from the 15th to the 12th of the following month, Genre is an event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL.  Each round is a different theme based on that idea, and Unrepentant is now a part of that.  This month's round is a walk on the wilder side of things, or the kinkier, in this case, with the theme of BDSM.

With your eyes wide shut, you can make your want on down to Genre to get the 'Expressive Ball Gag'.  Speak no evil, or don't speak at all with this accessory!  But, you'll be able to set a short message visible to all on the gag.  Even silence can make a statement, it seems.

Expressive Ball Gag
 ╚════════════════════♆════ ═════╝

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This item will be available exclusively at Genre from November 15, 2013 - December 12, 2013, then at the main store afterward and on marketplace.

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Unrepentant @ Bubblegum Alley:

Bubblegum Alley - November 14 - 26, 2013

Can you chew gum and walk at the same time? The age old conundrum is always presented when bubblegum comes, up, and this event promises to be tasty with the Bubblegum Alley event running from November 14 - 26, 2013.  This is one of the newest Kid and Family oriented event in Second Life. 

There is also a new adorable plushie available.  Let Butters  curl up with you! Who can resist those eyes?

Your ride to the Bubblegum Alley Event.
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Unrepentant @ Lovecraft Festival 2013:

Unrepentant has been busy lately with the toil, boil, and cauldron bubbling full of events! Of course, these come with some new releases as well for the events.

Lovecraft Festival 2013 - November 13 - 17, 2013

First, Lovecraft will inspire the latest offering from Unrepentant during the Lovecraft Festival 2013, which runs from November 13 - 17, 2013.  All the proceeds from this event will go toward autism awareness.

So watch out for the tentacles when taking your ride to the event!

Inspired by the event, we will soon be releasing the Hypnos bed that allows you to rest in the comforting tentacles of Chtulu.  During the event, the bed will be offered at 50 percent off, so get your's for 666 lindens, a number that even the devil will cherish.  After the event, the Hypnos bed will be available at the main store for the full price.


 Hypnos Bed

╚════════════════════♆════ ═════╝

Your ride to the Lovecraft Festival 2013.

You can also find an extra treat of Tentacles nails and toenails, by Playdead, by Josediego Silverspar, in the Unrepentant booth at the fair.  The nails complement the Slink! hands and feet by Siddean Munro.

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Unrepentant new release - I dream of Genie and towels:

The newest release from Unrepentant is out, and it can make even wishes come true.

Unrepentant brings you two full permission kits in the both the DAE and no DAE versions.

The first item is a full perm genie bottle kit that even Aladdin would give up three wishes to stay in.

                                       DAE/no DAE Unrepentant Genie Bottle Full Perm Mesh Kit

Already missing the warmth of summer?  Well, you can help yourself and others recall those times at the beach with the Unrepentant full permission beach towel kit. 

                                                DAE/no DAE Unrepentant Beach Towel Kit

You can find both kits at Unrepentant's main store and on the Marketplace.


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Unrepentant @ The 3rd Annual Fall Full Permissions MESH-Sculpties-Textures-Poses-Animations Fair

The 3rd Annual Fall Full Permissions 

MESH-Sculpties-Textures-Poses-Animations Fair

Nov 1st - Nov 18th at Old Europe

The third annual Fall Full Permission MESH-Sculpties-Textures-Poses-Animations Fair runs from November 1 through November 18, 2013 at the Old Europe sim.  Unrepentant will have some great items featured at this event, so come on down and check it out.  This fair will features for all the your creators and store owners out there to buy and re-use in your own creations for private use or to be re-sold.

Celtic knots first appeared historically after 450 AD, and are beautifully decorative. Now you can build your own simple or intricate set of celtic knots in Second Life.

 For the duration of this event,  the DAE/no DAE versions for the Celtic Knots' Full Permission Mesh Kit will be offered at a 25% discount. 

Don't miss out on these, and the other wonderful items available at the Fall Full Permission Fair in Old Europe.

Your ride to the Fall Full Permission MESH-Sculpties-Textures-Poses-Animations Fair

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