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[UN] @ Genre for April Round:

 Genre - The Big Band Era - 40's and 50's

The latest round of Genre started on April 15, 2014, and will run through March 12, 2014.  Each round of Genre involves a theme, and this month's theme is a trip back in time to the era of  the 1940's and 1950's for a big band themed plethora of offerings. 

Unrepentant brings you the Suzie Q shoes in a variety of colors that you do the jitterbug in or just go for that retro glam look.  Shoes come in the colors - Navy, Noir, Scarlett, and Vintage.

All shoes are mesh and materials enabled for that extra goodness in appearance, and they work with the Slink! mesh medium feet.  Of course, they look fabulous without the materials' setting too. 

You can grab these for just 100 lindens each while Genre is on.

Your ride to Genre.


Feet are made to work with the Slink! medium mesh feet only, and will not work with the standard avatar default feet.  As always, all mesh requires a mesh enabled viewer to be seen right.

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[UN] @ Comic Fair 2014 -

Look, up in the sky!

 ... It's a bird...

.... It's a plane..

No, it is the 2014 Comic Fair, which features items and goodies by designers as inspired by comic books and their characters.  This event will run from April 15 - April 30, 2014, and Unrepentant has a spiffy accessory that will add to your hero and heroine (or villian!) fantasies in Second Life.

The Claw Shoulder Guard comes in a male and female version in black, silver, and verdigris. 

Your ride to the Comic Fair 2014.
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