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[UN] @ A Clockwork Spiral

Running until October 1st, 2014, 'A Clockwork Spiral' is an event presented by the fine folks over at Cursed Events.  This year, proceeds will to the National Kidney Foundation.

Diving into the deep, you may find something worth taking back in treasure. Unrepentant brings the 'Deep' to life in a ring that will really give you a 'hand', or cling well to it.

The Deep is an original mesh ring that comes in various hues, and it is available now at 'A Clockwork Spiral' event.

Your ride to A Clockwork Spiral.

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[UN] @ Jewelry Fair 2014

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, or was that everyone's best friend?  Either way, jewelry is often a great accessory for many looks with both men and women.  With this in mind, the Jewelry Fair is now going on until September 28.   Elegance, delicacy, sophistication are but a few possibilities with these fine pieces from Unrepentant.

These include the Florentine earrings, the Justine necklace and head piece, the Serpentine earrings, and the Toile earrings.  All are original mesh work as with all [UN] products.

Your ride to Jewelry Fair

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