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[UN] - December Events' Goodness - Gothmas by Gaslight, ToF, & more

Besides the [UN]Happy Holidays that started on December 13 and runs to the end of the month, Unrepentant also has items in other events this month.

Horrorfestive 2014

The first of the events is called 'Horrorfestive', which is currently going on, and sales from this will benefit Munchflower Zaius, a very influential designer known in Second life that suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  For the event, Unrepentant brings you the "Very Horror X-mas" decorative balls, inspired by the Hellraiser movies.  For a horrifically merry time during this holiday season, pick from a variety.

Another very [UN]repentant Christmas treat is available at Horrorfestive in the "Sandy Claws" gloves.

Get all of these to complete your Nightmare before and during Christmas!

Your ride to Horrorfestive 2014.

Tales of Fantasy  

Another round of Tales of Fantasy has started, and the theme is "Game of Thrones" with all the items being inspired from both the book and television series.  Unrepentant brings you detailed plaques with memorable quotes from the Game of Thrones series.  Each one is crafted and ready for display wherever you wish.


 Level Up

Nostalgic for the games of yesterday, and harboring memories of fun that you may have spent playing retro video games?  Look no further as the Level Up event brings you creations inspired from a variety of favorite and well known old games.   This round runs until January 5, 2015.

Unrepentant brings you the Gamer's Plaques and Graham's Adventuring Caps in various colors.

Also, don't forget the current sale still going on at our main store for our [UN]Happy Holidays sales event.  Take advantage of great deals on our items until December 31, and you can collect the free village pieces until December 26th.

Gothmas by Gaslight

It's time once again for a Goth-y Good Christmas with the start of Gothmas by Gaslight.  This event runs until January 3, 2015, and once again Unrepentant is proud to be participating.  Our booth can be found in the Cursed Sim. 

Need a gift box inspired by or even for the undead in your life?  Unrepentant has created gift boxes than any undertaker, vampire, or other admirer of coffins would adore in the "Gifts for the Undead". 

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[UN]Happy Holidays - Dec 13th - 31st

I'm dreaming of a blaaaack Christmas...
Let's go and raise an elder God...

The town of Happy has always prided itself on its celebration of the holidays with style. But this year everything went wrong. It all started with the town's Christmas tree and a freak lightning storm...

Each day at Unrepentant from the 13th until the 26th of December you can collect a new piece of the town of Happy and their worst Christmas ever entirely for free - then for five days until New Year's Eve you'll have a chance to get the ones you might have missed in a free random daily roll!

All pieces except the base for display are no copy, with a limit of one per avatar per day. Old pieces will be available at random once per day once all the parts have been released!

So come join us for the first annual [Un]Happy Holidays un-celebration from the 13th to the 31st of December only at Unrepentant!

Your ride to the [UN]Happy Holidays Event at our main store.
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