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[UN] @ Tales of Fantasy for October 2014

Tales of Fantasy has begun its October round and will run until November 3, 2014.  Mystical themes abound as the inspiration for this round's theme is woodland creatures. 

Unrepentant brings you the means to indulge your flights of fancy in the Forest Fae Wings sets. All are original mesh, carefully constructed to suit the tastes of any Fae or non-Fae admirers.  There are four variations available with animations that keep your wings fluttering in and out of flight.  Colors even change with the animation.

Your ride to the Tales of Fantasy Event.
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[UN] @ Mystic Realms Faire

Unrepentant is involved in this round of the Mystic Realms Faire (October 10-26th, 2014).  This yearly event features creative and fabulous creations from a variety of designers. 

 The sky is just one thing to reach for, but never the limit for imagination.   Everyone needs a companion and worthy steed in their mystical journeys, and so we bring you the gryphon as our newest release.  The gryphons are fully animated and mesh creations that come in rideable versions, which also work as attachments.  There is also a smaller shoulder pet version for each one. 

The gryphons are available in six different versions.  Get your favorite, or even all of them. 

Your ride to the Mystic Realms Faire 2014.
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[UN] @ SLGBTA's The Halloween Gacha Spooktacular

The SLGBTA presents the Halloween Gacha Spooktacular running from October 7 though October 21, 2014.  Proceeds will benefit Dan Savage's It gets better Project

With October comes Halloween and all manner of spooky things, and so Unrepentant has crafted a new, scary accessory with this in mind. The legend of Arachne involves a woman that was a gifted weaver, and there are different version of his myth.  However, the common conclusion is that Athena turns Arachne into a spider with a gift or curse of weaving beautiful webs.. 

Come into our web and dare to wear the Arachne necklace, which comes in six metal 'hue' variations and five spider types.  These will be available in the gacha at the event, with the 'Widow' being the rare. 

Your ride to SLGBTA's Halloween Gacha Spooktacular.
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