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The Unrepentant Fight Club

Unrepentant presents the first tournament of the Unrepentant Pillow Fight Club.

First rule of pillow fight club is that /everyone/ talks about pillow fight club!  To go along with the release of the [UN] Pillow Fighting system, we will be holding a pillow fight contest.

Date/Time - Saturday, May 24, 2014 @ 1 p.m. (SL Time)

Place - The Unrepentant Main Store - Arena Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Kipling/27/40/2455

The pillows can be obtained at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  FGC Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acerbus%20Silva/98/71/51

No sign up will be required. Just show up and be ready to fight.

How to pillow fight -

Equip the pillow and the HuD.  You may equip any of the pillow weapons, shields, and armors available, and that you prefer. 

Setting 'Always Run' is recommended.   You can either go to world and select 'Always Run' or press CTRL+R.

Entering mouselook is recommended.

This can be done by a number of methods.  Press "M" when  the chat entry is not open.  Use the scroll wheel is scroll all the way in, go  to the "View" menu, and select mouselook.

To hit, just click the left mouse button, and use the arrow keys (or the WASD keys)  to move around.  You can refer to the basic instructions that come with the pillow fighting system for further details on how the system works.

Rules -

Only the Unrepentant pillows and HuD will be allowed as that is the only ones that work with the system.

All avatars should be standard human shape and size.  Mesh avatars that meet this requirement are allowed.  This is nothing against non-standard avatars, but is only to keep this event fair and to help reduce lag.

No enhancers are allowed, I.E. jumping enhancers, running enhancers, flight enhancers, or anything of that type.

No resetting of the HUD without a referee's permission is allowed.

Pajamas are optional!

The tournament format is as as follows:

Entrants will be split into four groups.  Each group will have a melee where the last two standing will go through into knock out rounds for the grand prize
Each knock out round will be one on one with the winner advancing to the next round and the loser being knocked out up to the final four.
The winners of the two matches in the last four will advance to the finals.  The losers will go into a runners up knock out fight for the third place prize.

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[UN] @ World Goth Fair 2014

[UN] is once again part of the World Goth Fair, which happens from May 15 to June 1st, 2014, with benefits going to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation (SLF).  The event is three sims full of designers bringing a various assortment of 'Gothic' goodness. 

We bring you the Undead Heels for you to get your 'goth on' at the event, which comes in three colors of flesh, slime, and violent. All original artwork has been used in the design of the shoes, which can be found on DA as well in Jalynne's gallery.

This is the artwork that inspired the Undead Heels -

Your ride to WGF - WGF CURSED (adult) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/65/129/1020

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[UN] @ Fantasy Faire 2014 & Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Faire 2014 for RFL

May 1 - 11, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 runs from May 1 through May 11, 2014, and proceeds from items made for RFL benefit the Relay for Life cause that donates money toward cancer research.   Unrepentant has made three items that are available during Fantasy Faire 2014 exclusively for the event.  The three items are the geek plaques, the Antlers for Life, and the special version of the Pteri shoulder mesh pet.

Show off your 'inner geek' with the Inner Geek plaques.  Each one comes with a snazzy saying.

At one with nature? You can be one with nature with the Antlers for a Cure, which come in the color for RFL.

The special edition Pteri shoulder pet also is made in the special RFL color and fits right on your shoulder.  

All items are original mesh and are exclusively made for RFL with proceeds going toward RFL.

We also have other Unrepentant products available in the Fantasy Faire booth for [UN].


Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

 May 4, 2014 - June 3, 2014

The May round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is upon us once more, and the theme is "F is 4 Fashion".   

The Iantha headpiece is an accessory for your hair and look that comes in bronze, silver, and gold with the combinations of aqua, jade and ruby for the stones. The onyx stone is the rare item in the gacha.  You can find these all in the gacha and collect one or as many as you like.

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[UN] @ Enchantment's Sleeping Beauty:

 Enchantment - Sleeping Beauty - May


“Little princess, lovely as the dawn, well named Aurore.”
― Cameron Dokey, Beauty Sleep: A Retelling of "Sleeping Beauty" 

This round of Enchantment has items inspired by the well-known fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, which has spawned literature during the years as well as a Disney cartoon.  The chance to sleep for a hundred years and be awakened by a Prince has Unrepentant providing a desk and a mirror for the princess in you, or even for the Prince out there.

The Briar Rose Mirror will provide a place to admire your image.  Perhaps you want to ask your mirror who is the fairest of them all? Whoops, wrong story!

The Briar Rose mirror comes in a stand alone version as well as a vanity mirror version.

To provide a place to sit and dream, Unrepentant also has made the Briar Rose desk, which is the prize that you can pick for the 'stamp card'. 

How does the stamp card work? 

Twenty participating stores, which includes [UN], have done 'stampers' for their stores.  All you have to do receive a 'stamp card' is buy an item from any of the participating stores, and once you do that, you can go around to the other booths and click to receive a stamp for your card.  Upon receiving twenty stamps, you can then go to the prize area and pick out any prize from any of the participating stores to collect the prize. 

Our prize for this round is the Briar Rose desk.  Remember, all items are exclusive to the event, so do not fall asleep and head on down to Enchantment.

Your ride to Enchantment.


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