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[UN] @ Enchantment's Sleeping Beauty:

 Enchantment - Sleeping Beauty - May


“Little princess, lovely as the dawn, well named Aurore.”
― Cameron Dokey, Beauty Sleep: A Retelling of "Sleeping Beauty" 

This round of Enchantment has items inspired by the well-known fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, which has spawned literature during the years as well as a Disney cartoon.  The chance to sleep for a hundred years and be awakened by a Prince has Unrepentant providing a desk and a mirror for the princess in you, or even for the Prince out there.

The Briar Rose Mirror will provide a place to admire your image.  Perhaps you want to ask your mirror who is the fairest of them all? Whoops, wrong story!

The Briar Rose mirror comes in a stand alone version as well as a vanity mirror version.

To provide a place to sit and dream, Unrepentant also has made the Briar Rose desk, which is the prize that you can pick for the 'stamp card'. 

How does the stamp card work? 

Twenty participating stores, which includes [UN], have done 'stampers' for their stores.  All you have to do receive a 'stamp card' is buy an item from any of the participating stores, and once you do that, you can go around to the other booths and click to receive a stamp for your card.  Upon receiving twenty stamps, you can then go to the prize area and pick out any prize from any of the participating stores to collect the prize. 

Our prize for this round is the Briar Rose desk.  Remember, all items are exclusive to the event, so do not fall asleep and head on down to Enchantment.

Your ride to Enchantment.


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