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Unrepentant @ SL Christmas Expo and 25 for 25 -

With December rolling around, the events have begun.  December 5 heralds the start of two events, which are the SL Christmas Expo to support Relay for Life and the 25-for-25 Hunt.

SL's Christmas Expo - Relay for Life - December 5 - December 15, 2013

 Just in time for the holiday season and holiday cheer, Unrepentant brings you three items great for gifts and decoration all year around.  A touch of the whimsical comes into the play with the Fairytale Couch, the Snowflake Lamp, and the Rocking Horse. 

 Spring is not forgotten even in the depths of winter as Unrepentant brings you the Fairytale couch, reminiscent of magic, pixie dust, and sunshine. 

All snowflakes are uniquely beautiful, and you can have this beauty all year around in the Snowflake Lamp, an item in the new line of furniture for Unrepentant.

The Rocking Horse is a classic toy that generations of children and adults alike have enjoyed. Bring that special cheer to your Christmas for the special kids in your life, or even to just remember the whimsy of childhood all year round.

All three of these items are available in the Unrepentant booth for the full duration of the event.

The full proceeds from both the Rocking Horse and the Snowflake lamp will be donated entirely to the Relay for Life cause. 

As an extra bonus, Unrepentant has also provided the Hourglass Full Permission Mesh Kit as part of the Naughty or Nice Hunt, where you can get the gift provided by each participating merchant or a lump of coal if Santa decides that you are naughty.

Your sleigh ride to SL's Christmas Expo 2013.

25 for 25 - December 5 - 30, 2013 


The grid wide hunt will cover 25 stores for 25 days with every hunt item costing only 25 lindens.  The hunt begins at 12 noon, today, December 5!

For this event, Unrepentant unveils the Fairytale Rocking Chair, a whimsical seat good for relaxing, reading, and just daydreaming.  

For this hunt, all clues, slurls and advertisements will be posted on 25-for-25 Hunt website.  You can find the Fairytale Rocking Chair at Unrepentant's main store. It is a hunt, so just look around for it! 

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