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Unrepentant @ Lovecraft Festival 2013:

Unrepentant has been busy lately with the toil, boil, and cauldron bubbling full of events! Of course, these come with some new releases as well for the events.

Lovecraft Festival 2013 - November 13 - 17, 2013

First, Lovecraft will inspire the latest offering from Unrepentant during the Lovecraft Festival 2013, which runs from November 13 - 17, 2013.  All the proceeds from this event will go toward autism awareness.

So watch out for the tentacles when taking your ride to the event!

Inspired by the event, we will soon be releasing the Hypnos bed that allows you to rest in the comforting tentacles of Chtulu.  During the event, the bed will be offered at 50 percent off, so get your's for 666 lindens, a number that even the devil will cherish.  After the event, the Hypnos bed will be available at the main store for the full price.


 Hypnos Bed

╚════════════════════♆════ ═════╝

Your ride to the Lovecraft Festival 2013.

You can also find an extra treat of Tentacles nails and toenails, by Playdead, by Josediego Silverspar, in the Unrepentant booth at the fair.  The nails complement the Slink! hands and feet by Siddean Munro.

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