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Unrepentant new releases - Part 1

Yes folks that means there is going to be more than one part to this post! Yay for new releases!

Victorian elegance Unrepentant style! These knee-high boots are loose laced with gothic style lace-hooks and realistic looking mesh laces. With full permissions and an AO map included, you could easily create a perfect look to your new boots - or a whole line of them!

The kit consists of three different sized naturally moving rigged versions and resizeable unrigged version with a custom alpha to ensure an easy fit. Also included is a one LI version for use as a store display. They also feature seven texture faces for complete, easy customization: Boot, Tongue, Trim, Laces, Sole, Lace Holder, and Lace Holder Accent.

The DAE version also includes the Full DAE file and PSD Texture Template for use in your own 3D program allowing for total modification of the product or use of it as a base for larger projects.

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