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Unrepentant New Releases - Part 2

At a risk of sounding a touch sexist (after all who are we to judge if a boy likes to do a little cross-dressing) here's one for the ladies! Unrigged to allow for easy resizing to fit any foot, the simple look of these flats belies careful crafting that allows you to create an infinite variety of looks with just a few minutes texture work. Perfect as slippers, comfy house wear and even to be worn out and about, for the fashion conscious they really can be made to match all sorts of looks!

With four texture areas (Sides, Top, Sole, and Interior) and full permissions, there is very little you Can't do with these flats, both for personal use and commercially! They are Unrigged to allow resizing onto even tiny feet and for added convenience the package comes with a 1 LI display version perfect for shop owners.

The DAE version also includes a Full DAE file and PSD Texture Template for use in your own 3D program allowing for total modification of the product or use of it as a base for larger projects.
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